What You Need For Veterinary Marketing Success

What You Need For Veterinary Marketing Success

What You Need For Vet Marketing Success

a strong marketing campaign is essential for any business, and a veterinary office is no exception. Here's what you need to know for vet marketing success.

Veterinary hospital marketing has changed a lot over the past 10 years as customers have become Internet savvy.

Providing great care is no longer enough. To stay ahead of the competition, one needs a great vet marketing campaign.

A strong marketing campaign is essential for any business, and a veterinary office is no exception. Here are some tips on what you need for vet marketing success.

Branding Is Key For Vet Marketing

It’s essential that your practice's brand catches customer interest.

A strong brand image requires strategy, time, and brand unity across all websites and social media platforms.

Branding consists of the internal and external aspects of your business as well as knowing who your target audience is. As a veterinary practice, you already know who your target is, now you just have to interact with other pet lovers.

A Custom Website

Having a great website is key because it's the first impression you make on a client. A website can even draw people to your practice who aren't locals! It’s essential that your site has a professional appearance to earn client trust.

A website should show your practice’s personality and tell a personal story. It should also show your office, faculty, and potentially some of your furry clients as well. The site should list all important information such as address, contact information, services, price, and hours of operation.

Many people access websites through their phones, which makes it important that your site is mobile compatible. A custom mobile app can help your practice further stand out.

Suggested features for a great veterinary hospital app:

  • Appointment requests
  • Prescription refills
  • Map directions
  • Animal and veterinary related news

The Power of Social Media

A social media vet marketing campaign lets you personally interact with clients.

Key social media platforms and their benefits:

  • Facebook: your content can be shared by clients to generate interest
  • Twitter: lets you react in real time to your clients’ concerns
  • LinkedIn: helps your company earn referrals and testimonials
  • Google+: your content can help to increase your SEO
  • YouTube: video content can be shared to generate interest

Grow a Facebook Following

Providing Facebook content will help your business get noticed. When clients share, like, or comment on your content their Facebook friends will know and become interested.

It’s important to properly set your Facebook page up.

The information you should have on your page includes:

  • Short description of your clinic
  • Mission statement
  • Services provided
  • Hours of operation
  • Website address
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Fun and engaging pictures

One recommended way to add a fun and engaging picture is by including your clients. Have a staff member take a picture of you, the pet owner, and your furry client. This way you can tag them when you post the picture and the pet owner will share it, which will draw more interest to your practice!

Providing Facebook content such as pet tips, veterinarian philosophy, and fun stories is a great way to bond with your clients. This useful content will be valued by your clients and likely shared, which can interest new clients.

A staff member should be assigned to monitor your Facebook account for customer activity. When a customer comments on your posts, a quick reply will go a long way to building loyalty.

On your Facebook page, you should click that you want to allow followers to post reviews. Feedback helps a business to grow and positive reviews will draw more clients to your practice!

Deliver Entertaining Video Content

The most watched videos on YouTube are funny cat and dog videos. This makes video content a smart decision for your vet marketing campaign.

Video ideas include:

  • Tour of your clinic
  • Videos about your services
  • Instructional videos

How-to videos that teach your clients on pet care techniques in a fun way will help to bring a lot of personality to your clinic. The more shares and views your videos get, the more people find out about your company.

Good SEO and PPC Generate Traffic

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is a great way to help your small business stand apart from the crowd. Having an effective SEO will ensure your company is listed on the top of search engine sites. For good SEO you need to deliver content that drives people to your site.

Using keywords and writing blogs are a great way to earn site traffic.

It’s important to track trending keywords because they can change on a daily basis.

A credible blog that provides excellent and unique content will help to drive people to your site. Your blog should be personal and help the customer get to know your philosophy.

While having a good SEO can drive traffic, you can also pay to have your site featured on search engines. Many vet marketing campaigns rely on pay-per-click (PPC) to increase their company’s awareness. PPCs are seen at the top of search engines, such as Google, and are tagged as advertisements.

PPCs require less time than SEO to rise to the top, but at a cost. Each time a customer clicks on your link, you'll need to pay-per-click. The most successful campaigns use both PPC and SEO together.

Reviews Are Important

When people search for a business near them, Google lists the businesses by the reviews they receive. The better the reviews, the higher the rank, and the more likely a customer will opt to use their services.

The good news is it’s simple to increase your rank. All you have to do is ask for a customer to refer your business.

A simple e-mail that asks for a review after a visit can go a long way. In the e-mail, make sure to provide the client with your Yelp or Google Business page. Thanking your client in the e-mail can also help to build customer loyalty.

Now that you know the benefits that a great vet marketing campaign to bring to your company, it's time to create your campaign.

For help with all your vet marketing needs feel free to contact us.

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