Guide to Choosing A Veterinary Marketing Company


How To Choose the Best Veterinary Marketing Company For Your Veterinary Practice

Guide to Choosing A Veterinary Marketing Company!
Choosing a Veterinary Marketing Company can be a tough choice considering the implications.  If you choose wisely your business should begin to take off and you will start to get new patients.  If you choose wrong you will spend thousands of dollars and literally go nowhere.  So how can you make the right decision.  This guide should serve as your template for choosing which Veterinary Marketing Company would be a good fit for your Veterinary Practice.

Experience as a Marketing Company for Veterinarians!
No matter who you choose make sure you choose a marketing company that focuses solely on Veterinarians.  The reason this is so important is that the Veterinary Industry is so much different than all other industries and a marketing company that doesn't understand the nuances of the Veterinary Space will not have an approach and strategy that has been time tested with Veterinarians.  In addition they will not be able to effectively write content that is relevant to the Veterinary Space.  We have heard the horror story too many times of a Veterinary Practice spending tens of thousands of dollars only to have nothing to show for it.  

Website Examples of Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals!
There are many different Veterinary Marketing companies out there but only one or two who make amazing websites.  Make sure you get at least 2 to 3 examples of current client websites before deciding to work with a company.  The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a new website only to realize it looks old and doesn't have the functionality your practice needs to be productive. When you are looking at their example websites make sure they are not using a template (meaning every website doesn’t look the same).  Make sure the content is original, fun and engaging. Make sure it has functions like: New Client Paperwork, Schedule An Appointment, a Blog for posting articles, seperate pages for each service and clearly distinctive branding and messaging.

Examples of clients who are having success doing Veterinary Marketing!
Any Veterinary Marketing Company that claims to do wonders should have examples of clients where they are doing just that. Before investing thousands of dollars on a new marketing plan make sure they show you another client who is having success using the same marketing plan. If they are so good then have them show you. One of the easiest ways to confirm this is by doing a google search for a “veterinarian” or “animal hosptial” in the city where that client is located.  If they are coming up on the 1st page of Google then you are in the right place if they are nowhere to be found then you need to find a different Veterinary Marketing Company.  If they are good they will have good examples to share with you.  Makes sense right!

Online Reviews 
Great Veterinary Marketing Companies have great online reviews.  Do a google search for the company and see what people online have to say about them.  You want to avoid companies with more than one bad review.  If they have multiple positive reviews and just one bad review then read the review and determine if it is valid.  One thing is for sure you will not regret going with a company with all positive reviews.

If you follow these simple rules for choosing a Veterinary Marketing Company for your Veterinary Practice then you will not make the mistakes that others before you have.

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