3 Tips For Veterinary Practice Marketing During The Holidays


With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the winter holidays barreling down on us, it’s easy to get buried under a pile of family events and parties with friends. Don’t forget that this is also the perfect opportunity to ramp up your veterinary practice marketing strategies. Whether you’d like to increase sales of items in your clinic or just make sure people are bringing pets through your front door while they’re still in town, we have a few tips for maximizing the holidays for your business.


Capitalize On Buzzwords

Much as you might cringe at Black Friday, these 2 words are used for a reason. They lend immediate recognition, with everyone from college students to great-grandma. Don’t be afraid to turn it into whatever you need to market your veterinary practice, either. Offering a special discount for vaccinations? How about a price break on blood work? Use the familiarity of the Black Friday ad template and go from there to catch their attention.


Know Pet Owners’ Needs

The holidays can come with trips to the vet, some planned and others a complete surprise for owners. Use holiday-specific themes in your marketing for your veterinary practice to prevent them from choosing a different clinic at the last minute. This is the perfect time for vaccines before pet owners have to check their cats and dogs into boarding facilities. If you offer kennel services yourself, make sure your clients know. Grooming is also popular given that people might be traveling with pets or having family in town. Speaking of travel, the need for health certificates for domestic and international flights picks up around this time of year.


Not every marketing endeavor needs to contain a specific sale or offer, either. You can simply remind people to keep the information for your clinic on the fridge with a handy magnet. Pet sitters will know what to do in the event of a health crisis, but it also ensures that your clients will see regular reminders to schedule that wellness exam or dental cleaning.


Participate In The Giving Season

Have you ever partnered with a local charity for pet lovers? This can be a great opportunity to show just how committed you are to the community. Whether that’s sponsoring an event, donating your services, hosting a pet food drive or simply volunteering in your spare time, you can get quite a bit out of the experience. Having your name associated with a nonprofit is great, and you can proudly post the photos all over social media.


The team at Vet Marketing Pro is here for you this holiday season to offer tips, guidance and more for successfully marketing your veterinary practice.

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