How To Build Your Veterinary Practice's Reputation with Local Marketing


As a location-dependent service provider, veterinarians have both more options and specific constraints when it comes to building their reputation. A veterinary practice’s marketing plan should take both of these into account. This allows you to target resources where they’ll do the most good while avoiding sinking time and money into less productive avenues.


Get Involved with Charity Events

It’s very likely that your community has pet-based charities and institutions. As a veterinarian, you’re in a unique position to provide goods, services or simply donations to these places. Sponsors often get their name placed on event materials or blasted across that nonprofit’s social media accounts. Pet owners in your area will become more familiar with your practice’s name -- and they’ll immediately trust someone who volunteers for needy animals.


Help Lost Pets Get Found

Even if you’re unable to dedicate time and money to charities, you can still make a huge difference in your community. There are plenty of lost pet groups on Facebook and other platforms trying to reunite pets and owners. These posts often gain tons of traction as people share and reshare the content to boost the signal. Plus, it’s a great reminder to make sure potential or current clients bring their pets in for microchipping appointments -- meaning that your posts serve double duty on your veterinary practice’s marketing efforts.


Host Your Own Events

Are you able to hold an adoption event? How about a food drive? The holidays are a great time of year to remind people that you encourage a giving spirit when it comes to animals, but you can certainly hold these year-round. Perhaps a special where you donate food when clients purchase their pet’s prescription food from your practice. Even better would be to have a bin set out at the reception desk to collect donations from pet owners. You can post regular updates of the drive on your social media accounts as well.


Remind Pet Owners About Local Risks

Has there been a recent news report about bats with rabies? How about a particularly rough tick season? Each of these are a great opportunity to incorporate local issues into your veterinary practice’s marketing plan. They remind potential clients that you’re a knowledgeable veterinarian who has a wealth of experience to pull from when treating their beloved pets. Plus, you get to do a world of good for your local community in the process.


The team at Vet Marketing Pro is always here to offer tips, advice and more for successfully marketing your veterinary practice.

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