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We’ve gone over Facebook marketing for veterinarians. We’ve taken a dive into Google Ads for vets. How about an explanation on Facebook ads for veterinarians?

Any time someone talks to you about marketing your practice (especially as a small business owner, like you probably are) you need to think about the goal. It’s easy to build up grand ideas about becoming a household name in your community. After all, you provide a noble service to people who love animals just as much as you do. But if your hard-earned money is going somewhere, it needs to have a clear return on investment

There may not always be a single step between “run ad” and “make many dollars,” but you should be able to understand the thought process behind a marketing campaign. Facebooks ads can work for veterinarians, but they need to be done right.

Unique Selling Points

Welcome to marketing 101. Your practice is a unique entity, and you likely have some things you’re very proud of. Maybe you work hard to stay open late for pet owners who work odd hours. Perhaps you’ve been family-owned for 50 years. Maybe you treat more than just cats and dogs. We could keep going, really, because each of our clients has something (many somethings, in fact) that is attractive to prospective clients. Those unique facts need to show up in Facebook ads for your veterinary practice. Why? Because you need to have a reason to stick in people’s minds, even when they’re not actively searching for a vet. If they were, they likely wouldn’t be scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook.

Specials, Discounts or Deals

Many pet owners will, sheepishly, admit to being behind on their pet’s care. They know the rabies tags have expired or that the bad breath is really starting to get concerning. Facebook ads offering specials for services people know they need but have been putting off is a great way to remind them to finally schedule that vet appointment. Ideally, with you. After all, you’re offering a deal on it right now!

At Vet Marketing Pro, we’re here to help manage smart, targeted Facebook ads for veterinarians like you — free with any of our packages.

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