Google Ads for Veterinarians


It’s pretty hard to ignore the absolute dominance of Google ⁠— just check out this chart on search market share. It’s not just about getting your result to the top of this search engine’s results page (though that’s certainly a big part of the equation). Google also offers some of the best opportunities out there for network placement display ads. This one-two punch makes Google Ads for veterinarians an important tool in the kit to attract customers.

Google Search Ads

How many times have you hopped onto your computer or smartphone and started browsing by typing a few words into Google? If you’re like the majority of people, it happens pretty often. We’ve talked about how you can work toward showing up organically on the first page of Google search engine results, but that strategy will only get you so far. A comprehensive marketing plan ⁠— like the one being used by your major competitors ⁠— will include using Google Ads for your veterinary practice. These will help you show up right at the top of the page (or in the maps tri-pack) on Google.


Google Display Ads

Have you seen those ads that show up when you’re scrolling through your favorite news site or shopping for The One Fur Remover To Rule Them All? Display ads allow you to place those images you create onto the Google Display Network of sites. Those 2 million sites can be narrowed down based on a number of factors, such as relevant keywords for pet owners. The audience for any of these ads is targeted even further through things like their location and interests. Also, if you do actually have recommendations for the best way to get pet hair off of couches, we’re all ears.


Beyond the Basics

There’s quite a bit more to Google Ads for veterinarians than typing in some keywords and pulling a picture off of social media to upload. From detailed targeting methods and geofencing to multi-image optimization and analyzing search data, it can get pretty daunting. Vet Marketing Pro is here to help with free Google Ad management for every single veterinarian who partners with us. We know that you’re busy and what you need is a proven method to get more pet owners into your practice.

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