Getting Your Veterinary Website to Show Up On Google


I hope we all understand by now that “Google” is a bit of a stand in for search engines as a whole. Google has clearly dominated the market, though, so when we work to get a practice showing up in online searches, we’re prioritizing Google’s standards over others (DuckDuckGo is pretty cool). To get your veterinary website to show up on Google, we take a targeted approach using tools we know work instead of a see what sticks kitchen sink tactic.


Because if we simply told you that more is better when it comes to each and every part of the process, you’d be spending way more for marketing your practice. Our goal is to focus on the outcomes you care about. For pet clinics, mobile veterinarians and animal hospitals, that tends to boil down to your bottom line

Are you finding new clients?

Are you bringing your existing clients in regularly?

Are you hitting your revenue goals?

We’ve seen so many vets get talked into unnecessary and expensive marketing services for their practice. Companies will talk about metrics that don’t translate to actual income using vague terminology like building your brand. While that may be important for a franchise or a product that you sell across the country, it’s often less useful (at least on its own) that simple getting your veterinary practice’s website on Google. So, what do we do?

Tell Google That You Exist

We work with Google to claim your practice’s listing or create a new one. This is a huge first step that most business owners of all stripes overlook. While Google seems like it knows everything, there’s a good chance that your business listing could use a little TLC. This one is pretty short and sweet.

Remind Google That You Exist

Alright, so if someone googles ‘City Pet Clinic,’ your information is showing up now! It’s accurate! There are pictures! Here’s the thing, though. You’re not finding new clients by having them search for you by name. You need to show up for all the other things people search for. One way we get that done is through Google Ads. It works immediately and we can identify the exact search terms people use when they’re looking for a veterinarian. 

Yes, that even includes things like ‘ceterinarian in oortland or’ (which is a real search term we’ve seen).

The long game comes in with our search engine optimization (SEO). We remake your website, dropping all that pre-made stuff that doesn’t match your clinic well. Oh, it also looks awful to Google to have that duplicate content showing up. Remember the scene from the movie Bring It On where the Toros realize they have the exact same routine as the other team at Nationals? Yeah, it’s about that bad. That’s why we put so much emphasis on our websites being unique. Google likes to show users unique content.

After the website, it’s fine tuning time with things like our SEO blog articles. We research the search terms you’re already coming up for and fill in the gaps, starting with the cities and services that will bring you the most business.

So there you have it! These are the ways we go about getting your veterinary practice to show up on Google. It’s going to have a huge return on investment for the practice owner, and trying to take shortcuts on the way there can have some pretty big repercussions. At Vet Marketing Pro, we spend every day working to make sure the veterinarians we partner with have the most effective marketing strategies working for them. We can always go over any questions you may have!

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